4 Things to Consider When Hiring A Web Design Agency

Choosing a web design agency to develop your website can be an overwhelming task. You’re trusting the web design agency with the face of your brand, and your place in the market.

That’s a big deal. 

So, when choosing the right web design agency for your business, there are a number of important factors that need to be addressed.

Website Design and UX 

Go ahead. Judge a book by its cover. You should choose a web design agency based on their proven skills and style. If you don’t like what they create, why would you hire them?

A good web design agency should keep up with current design trends, and be knowledgeable when merging new and proven practices.

Explore the web design agency.

Check out the product that they are proud enough to let represent their quality of work and their web design agency as a whole. Look at their images, photography, banners, and layout of the website. Make sure their site displays properly across various types of devices, and on different browsers. If you notice glitches with resizing, load times or readability, move along.

Look for case studies, reviews, and testimonials.

If you’re considering a design agency with no examples of former client work, or testimonials that document their experience, don’t hire them! You must make sure that the web design agency you’re trusting with your business, has proven successes in the field.

Check for a call to action.

Conversion is key in turning site visitors, into customers. Your web designer should be conscious of conversion strategies that work in the right place, at the right time.

Web Design Agency Flow


Inquire about their discovery process. Each web design agency has a unique discovery process, that covers the scope of the project in its entirety, down to each minute detail. Hire a web design agency that is both thorough and genuinely interested in what you have to provide, sell, and say.

Redesign Strategy

A good web design agency will have a comprehensive content strategy prepared for your business. Developing a strong content marketing strategy is key in your site being found by search engines, and customers. Ensure your chosen web design agency knows how to implement keyword research, SEO, and social media platforms to better establish your online presence.

Web Design Agency CMS of Choice

Choose a web design agency that makes life easier for everyone. Content management systems are designed to make site management and configuration easy. Without it, you would have to call your designer every day for any small change.

The web design agency should train you, and equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to track your site analytics, upload new content, and make minor changes, using the established CMS.

Find a web design agency that uses WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or any other CMS. You’ll have more power at your fingertips with a CMS. 


Building a website is a creative collaboration that builds connections between your business and your customers. Your brand should reach all demographics, on any platform. With the rise in mobile use, your site must function and be responsive on different types of devices. Choose a web design agency that caters to mobile users, and responsive design.



This will be an ongoing interaction. You should enjoy interacting with the agency you hire. Make sure they have a clear, concise communication plan devised for the project, and for your future interactions.

You’re the expert in your field. They should listen and learn. Communication is key when building something with as many creative variables as a website.

Your web designer needs to know exactly what you want, while bringing their own ideas to the table. They should be asking you many questions, to hone in on exactly what your goals and values are.

Your website will likely be one of your main sales resources, and will be the online representation of your brand. So, naturally, your web designer needs to ask questions, listen, and learn exactly what your business sells, and what your goals are.

Anticipate advice. The web design agency should be experienced enough to understand your goals and knowledgeable enough to help.


Website Strategy & Website Maintenance

Success happens upon project inception. When you bridge that connection by choosing a web design agency, you are choosing progress.

Your web designers should always go the extra mile, and encourage open communication of milestones, goals, and progress throughout the entire planning and development of the project.

Once the site is live, that relationship between your brand and the web design agency should not end. You have created a lasting bond.

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Elyssa Coultas is a copywriter, web designer, UX writer, and content strategist for GHOSTWE. Contact us today if you'd like to work with her!

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