Top 5 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn

Alright, so you want to learn how to start programming, but you want the scoop on the 5 easiest coding languages. What programming languages should you start with? What tools do you need? So many questions, so little time. 


But don’t let that set you back. You’re about to embark on a journey of sheer frustration, but also, immense gratification. Web designers and web developers are people that like a challenge, so buckle down and get ready to ask yourself a few questions about why you want to learn how to start coding, and what you’d like to do with your new skills.


Not sure if you want to go full-blown into the wonderful world of programming? Dip your toe in the algorithm waters with Mazes for Beginners! It’s an educational programming book that will rather quickly unveil whether or not you like problem solving and picking at these little mysteries of algorithms, code, and programming languages.

Python Coding Language


Python is one of the most popular and in-demand coding languages with widespread applications in new disruptive technologies. It is a high-level programming language with built-in data structures, thus making it ideal to be used in application development, and as a scripting language to connect existing components together. Python emphasizes readability and enables fewer lines of code.


Often touted as the easiest programming language to learn, Python has a simple and straightforward syntax.


If you’re brand new to programming, then consider this Practical Programming Book for Beginners.


Python has an extensive library containing built-in modules which provide access to system functionality to offer standardized solutions for many problems that might occur while coding/programming. 


It is an open-source source and free to learn. Still, unlike JavaScript, you would have to download and install the Python Development Environment on your device before working on to create your first code/program. There are a multitude of resources, both paid and free, on the Python website.

Companies that Use Python:

  • Google
  • Venmo
  • Youtube
  • Dropbox
  • Yahoo Maps

6 Cool Things You Can Do with Python:

  • Create 2D games
  • Automate tasks
  • Mine data
  • Build a blockchain
  • Build command software (like calculators)
  • Control and build robotics systems


If you're ready to rock with Python, then check out these learning resources that will help you along the way:




Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented scripting language primarily used in developing websites and mobile apps. Ruby is mostly similar to Python in terms of simplicity and readability, but it’s more reflective. You know what they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (… why is that even an idiom?).


The Ruby on Rails framework makes you more convenient to use Ruby in web applications development for users. It empowers you to achieve more by writing less code. It thus makes coding much easier for you to build web applications much quickly.


Ruby is extremely elegant and flexible and is one of the in-demand coding languages in the job market. It would be the great programming language to start off with, as it allows users to build highly functional websites and the language is not as strict as some others.


You will often see in Ruby that there are multiple methods to solve the same problem and then in Python there’s only one approach. 



  • Github
  • Hulu
  • Twitter
  • ZenDesk
  • Shopify
  • Urban Dictionary


  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop and mobile games
  • Web applications and APIs
  • Prototyping
Easy Coding Languages



Java is yet another popular coding language that is used for building everything from server-side applications to video games and mobile apps. Java is known for its flexibility and portability, which allows you to write code that would run on any machine, regardless of the architecture, operating system and platform. You can use Java to develop applications for many devices such as computers, laptops and gaming consoles.


Java is also a key coding language of networking, usually used in storing and transferring the web-based data.


Java being a secured, general-purpose and beginner-friendly language makes itself ideal to have opted as your first coding language. Still, unlike the other coding language it requires to set up a developing environment before start working on to create your first code/program. 


  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Google
  • Instagram


  • Build management systems
  • Build web apps






Ah, boy. The powerhouse of all things pretty. Javascript, when used in conjunction with CSS and HTML, is a dynamic coding language that enable developers to build stunning visuals and interactive web applications. It’s a multi-level coding language, meaning you do not have to know everything about the language prior to using it!


It’s no accident that Javascript is listed directly under Java; these programming languages are entirely unrelated. Javascript is a separate set of libraries, and even has its own compiled resources nestled inside of this language called jQuery.


Javascript is a foundational, beginner’s-level coding script and is rather lightweight. After learning the foundations, then aspiring programmers should look into pairing this knowledge with PHP, Python, or any of the languages listed!



  • GHOSTWE (hi)
  • …and truthfully, just about every other website with dynamic or “motion” elements


  • Add interactive elements to web pages and apps
  • Game development
  • Build websites and chatbots



An absolute must-learn for web developers and WordPress designers, PHP is a popular general-purpose, open-source scripting language primarily used for providing the back end server functionality to many well-known websites. PHP makes it easier for you to retrieve and store data in databases while synchronously process and reply to users’ requests to provide seamless, fast responses to browser through HTML.


Before diving into learning PHP, you should have a solid grasp on HTML, CSS, and some Javascript.


PHP supports a wide range of databases, runs on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and almost compatible with all servers used today. dynamic data-heavy websites and app development. It provides a massive amount of power and is the core language of monster sites like WordPress and Facebook. 


  • Facebook
  • Etsy
  • Mailchimp
  • Tumblr
  • Slack



  • PHP can generate dynamic page content
  • PHP can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server
  • PHP can collect form data
  • PHP can send and receive cookies
  • PHP can add, delete, modify data in your database
  • PHP can be used to control user-access
  • PHP can encrypt data

Conclusion: 5 Easiest Coding Languages to Learn

Each of these languages provides a significant amount of value to your mental reservoir. If you’re serious about your programming journey, then start with the coding fundamentals: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


All of these coding languages are worth learning at some point, but don’t overwhelm yourself before you get started. Just dive in, one language at a time.

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